VidaBox Wireless Keyboard Review

I use my HTPC for computer uses a good portion of the time, so I am always on the lookout for a quality keyboard that can help me on my endeavours. My first foray into this was the Gyration combo that I enjoyed but was always plagued by reception problems and eventually the keyboard died after a couple of years of use. Next up, I decided to go for the king of wireless keyboards to solve my problems, the full-sized diNovo. A great key board, with the best reception I have come across. However, the touchpad was not not terribly convenient.

This brings me to VidaBox’s offering. I wanted to try something that felt more natural when using. The trackball and mouse keys seemed like a perfect fit to me. Specifically, I was looking for something that would allow me to access Hulu, message on occasion and surf a bit. Of course, having solid reception while doing this is pretty damn important as well.