Installing Mythdora 10.21


Mythdora 10.21 Installation Guide It’s not scary, it’s easy.           There seems to be a misconception among HTPC users that Mythtv is scary to use because you need to run Linux and Mythtv needs a little configuration in many cases to get what you want out of it.  Well, hopefully this guide will illustrate exactly how […]

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MythTV 0.22 Available

Many have been long awaiting the release of the new version of Mythtv.  I count myself among those people.  There are lots of new features and enhancements including an upgrade to the UI.  I hope to do a featurette of the new features soon.  Until then have a look for yourself!   After a little over a year and a […]

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MCE: Digital Cable Advisor Tool Available Now!


Well, shortly after word hit that the ATI 1.19 copy free firmware has hit Windows Update, now we have the Digital Cable Advisor tool making its appearance on MCE Extras Galleries across the country. This will enable any capable Windows7 Media Center system to be able to use the ATI Digital Cable tuners. Here’s the full process in screenshots.   […]

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HD Media Player Battlemodo: Apple TV Killers


Gizmodo chose a select few extender devices to do a roundup battle royale comparison. It’s short yet effective, but remember there are literally a ton of extender devices to choose from, hopefully articles like this will help manufacturers continue to improve their devices.   Gizmodo The goal here is simple: Play all the videos that I have ripped from DVD, […]

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