DTV — Will they, Won’t they? Continues

Unlike the clear majority vote in the Senate, the House of Representatives did not vote in the June delay of the DTV transition. The national transition to digital television remains on track for a scheduled date of February 17, after the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday rejected a proposal to delay the switchover. [CNET]

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Transition Trip-ups


The digital TV transition is a rather interesting problem for America.  People want their TV, but the digital transition is going to confuse many people when it takes effect. Let’s discuss the foremost issues: funding and timing. As of this morning, January 28th, unlike the Senate, the House of Representatives voted ‘No’ on the extension of the DTV transition to June. This means […]

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Will green push people to home automation

I admit it, when I first started thinking about home automation I did not have the environment in mind. Instead I was focused on convenience, wife acceptance factor and of course another fun geeky pursuit. The more I am drawn into the home automation world, it isn’t hard to see that convenience and being green are often intertwined. As I […]

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Why I love SageTV


I know everyone here probably already knows I’m a SageTV user, and I have been for the past many years. But today I had one of those moments that reminds me why I love SageTV, and in particular it’s developers. The development team’s dedication to providing timely, friendly responses to inquiries is probably one of my favorite things about this […]

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Keyboards for your HTPC

HTPCentric takes a look at a few different HTPC keyboards. It is always a debate whether or not you should have a keyboard, I know I use mine at least a couple of times a week to surf the internet a bit :). I can’t beleive he didn’t mention the Gyration set.   Next up is the nMediaPC 2.4Ghz Wireless […]

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Senate Unanimously Approves Delay in DTV Switch

Now I need to get a VHF antenna. I was hoping the transition would take place and I would get a stronger VHF signal.   MSNBC reports that the Senate has unanimously approved the bill to delay the transition to the June 12 date that the Obama administration wants. The delay is seen as a victory for the Obama administration and […]

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Western Digital Launches 2TB Green HD

These leaps in drive space are amazing!  It feels like just yesterday Seagate unleashed it’s 1.5TB drive on the world.  5 platters may make some noise and generate some heat, but you can’t discount the capacity!   Jan. 27, 2009 – WD today announced the first 2 terabyte (TB) hard drive – the world’s highest capacity drive and the latest […]

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What you missed the last couple of weeks

I, of course, do not have to remind you about our ongoing community news contest. For each news submission, you gain one entry into the contest where the prize is a 3 month gift card to Netflix. Yes, even bloggers can submit their own news :). We love original content from blog. A great example, and thanks to Brent for […]

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