Why I love SageTV


I know everyone here probably already knows I’m a SageTV user, and I have been for the past many years. But today I had one of those moments that reminds me why I love SageTV, and in particular it’s developers. The development team’s dedication to providing timely, friendly responses to inquiries is probably one of my favorite things about this company.

Now that I actually have modern tuners, extenders, and other equipment (instead of the stuff from circa 2003), I have been updating my version of SageTV frequently throughout the current 6.5 Beta. At some point, a bug was introduced that broke the way the system read the tags from my flac files. Yesterday after trying a suggestion from tech support first, and then doing a complete rebuild on my own which I had been planning (new apt = new build 🙂 ), I followed up to tech support by sending them a sample file to try and debug from. This was probably about 10pm EST last night.

Here’s the email I received early this afternoon:

OK, this is fixed for the next build now. 🙂  (the one we’re putting out today)

SageTV Support Team


Does it really get any better than that? File bug report, wake up around 11, eat breakfast, get email that devs have already figured out problem, and included it in latest build which happens to be going out today. I don’t really think it does. So thanks to the Sage dev team for being absolutely great!!!


P.S. If you’re a Sage user and paying attention, this probably means a 6.5 RC2 or 6.5 Final to be out today