Absolutely Huge Giveaway Starting On Monday!


We have an absolutely huge giveaway coming your way on Monday. Stay tuned to have your socks knocked off :).  Just remember, we can’t be held responsible for what happens to your socks. We will get the finer details out later this weekend. Just a teaser, we have teamed up with PCAlchemy/Avideus to make this happen.    

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Avideus Announces the HSE Home Server


Avideus Announces the HSE Home Server Make protecting, organizing, and connecting to the digital media in your home a snap with an Avideus HSE Home Server. Available now, the Avideus HSE Home Server is the first Windows Home Server product from Avideus. Based on the Intel SS4200-EHW Server, the Avideus HSE utilizes a proven hardware platform to ensure reliable operation […]

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PCAlchemy Announces the Launch of Avideus.com and Avideus Products for the Digital Home


PCAlchemy Announces the Launch of Avideus.com and Avideus Products for the Digital Home With the launch of Avideus.com and the new Avideus Products for the Digital Home, PCAlchemy is greatly expanding its ability to bring new and innovative products to the consumer. The Avideus product line consists of a wide range of digital home products, from the small form factor […]

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CoverFlow For Vista Media Center?


The development community for Vista keeps rolling forward. However, we seem to be seeing  alot of work on the same plugins. Do we really need 3 Netflix plugins? and several more Movie plugins? Probably not, but one or two community developed options would be great. Chris Lanier mentions that the developer (Treason) might be teaming up with other developers at […]

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PS3 gets DTS-HD Master Audio decoding


The new 2.30 firmware for the PlayStation 3 adds the ability to decode the lossless DTS-HD Master Audio (and the lossy DTS-HD High Resolution format too) that Fox Blu-ray releases have used since day one. This long awaited (and long rumored) update completes the features of the PS3’s Blu-ray capabilities and makes it pretty much the most full featured Blu-ray player available. Sony […]

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Tip Of The Day: HD Calibration Discs

John pointed me to this AVSForum thread that has links to calibration discs you can download and burn to a red laser DVD for use in a Blu-ray or HD DVD player. These images allow you to burn to a standard DVD, utilizing the red laser versions of both HD formats, rather then having to find a Blu-ray or HD […]

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Industry Bully Monster Cable Messes with Blue Jeans Cable

So remember how Monster Cable loves to threaten law suits? That’s been pretty quiet until now… Back on April 8th Audioholics got word that Monster filed a cease and desist order to Blue Jeans Cable’s sub-brand Tartan Cable. Well it turns out Blue Jeans Cable was founded by a fellow named Kurt Denke who happened to be a Federal lawyer for years […]

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First impressions of Mythtv 0.21

As we announced here a couple of weeks ago, a new version of Mythtv was recently released.  Now that I’ve been toying with it for a couple of weeks, I thought I would share my initial impressions. One of the big new features that was included with this release is the ability to create multiple storage groups.  I am guessing […]

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The Daily Button – April 14th, 2008

Writers Log: Day 109 Two weeks ago I stopped all personal hygiene as I think it interferes with the creative writing process. Folks at my day job seem a little concerned but they no longer come around my office. This frees up time to proof read my guide. I asked John to do it but he curled up in a […]

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