Avideus Announces the HSE Home Server


Avideus Announces the HSE Home

protecting, organizing, and connecting to the digital media in your
home a snap with an Avideus HSE Home Server.

now, the Avideus HSE Home Server is the first Windows Home Server
product from Avideus. Based on the Intel SS4200-EHW Server, the
Avideus HSE utilizes a proven hardware platform to ensure reliable
operation as the digital hub in your home. The Avideus HSE provides
the following to your digital home:

file sharing and streaming

  • Centralize
    and share files and media across your network

  • Remotely
    access your files and applications from any Internet-connected

  • Stream
    photos, music, and videos to your networked PCs and your TV and
    stereo system

sharing, backups, and more

  • Automatically
    back up desktop PCs and laptops running Windows XP or later

  • Add
    extra protection: folders can be automatically duplicated across
    multiple hard drives

  • Expand
    your storage via three internal hard-drive bays, four USB 2.0 ports,
    and two eSATA ports

other companies may be building Windows Home Server products in the
Intel SS4200-EHW Server, Avideus believes the HSE Home Server has a
significant benefit over its competition. Not only is the HSE
competitively priced and backed by an industry leading 3 year limited
warranty, HSE owners will receive the best support available from a
staff of technicians that understand your digital home and are
Avideus HSE Home Server users themselves.

for more information on the Avideus HSE Home Server.

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