The Daily Button – April 14th, 2008

Writers Log: Day 109

Two weeks ago I stopped all personal hygiene as I think it interferes with the creative writing process. Folks at my day job seem a little concerned but they no longer come around my office. This frees up time to proof read my guide. I asked John to do it but he curled up in a ball and started mumbling something about making the typos go away.

I have finished the first couple of builds and will hopefully publish early next week. I miss my HTPC, I wish had time to use it. It calls to me. My couch misses me. 

Corporate News: Blockbuster bids for Circuit City @ Gizmodo

Linux News: The missing five minute Linux manual @ The Register

RIAA News: No attorney fees awarded for defendant who was mistakenly sued by RIAA @ Ars Technica

Blu-ray News: 3 ways to rip Blu-ray movies @ Floppyhead 

VMC News: Media Center gets first tast of interactive advertising @ Chris Lanier

VMC Plugin News: vmcNetFlix with Extender support being tested @ The Green Button  

Video Card News: HIS HD 3870 IceQ 3 review @ Bjorn 3D 

Blu-ray News: Blu-ray version of Juno review @ High-Def Digest 

Blu-ray News: Blu-ray releases for this week @ EngadgetHD  

TV Tuner News: AverTV Hybrid USB QAM tuner released @ PVRWire

Display Device News: Sony Bravia XBR8 information leaked @ Engadget HD

Receiver News: Marantz SR7002 review @ Sound & Vision

MediaPortal News: MedaiPortal 1.0RC1 to come soon @ MediaPortal

Media Portal News: Xface Skin 1.5 released @ MediaPortal  (very nice skin wortht he clickage)

SageTV News: New skin for SageMC coming soon @ SageTV (very nice skin worth the clickage)