CoverFlow For Vista Media Center?


The development community for Vista keeps rolling forward. However, we seem to be seeing  alot of work on the same plugins. Do we really need 3 Netflix plugins? and several more Movie plugins? Probably not, but one or two community developed options would be great.

Chris Lanier mentions that the developer (Treason) might be teaming up with other developers at Open Media Library to create a killer movie library for Media Center.

I am looking forward to what comes of this. I am hoping that other plugin developers can get behind this concept.

Cover Flow Plugin For Media Center 



Open Media Library project discussion at The Green Button




Even if you aren’t a develope, you can get involved by offering constructive advice and beta testing :). As always, if anyone who is developing for the HTPC community require web space or forums feel free to contact alan at missingremote dot com.