Shedding Light on OLED Displays

Electronic House sends word they have an article up on OLED displays. Electronic House All of the jostling at a show that for several consecutive years had championed a “bigger-is-better” approach was to get a glimpse of a tiny Sony television. But this one was special. It was a TV whose 11-inch display used OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology; a […]

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SageMC Bringing Sexy Back Part Deux


SageMC, a STV for SageTV, recently released a new version which allows a fair bit more in the way of customization. I keep close tabs on the SageMC screenshot thread because I enjoy seeing what the community can come up with. I was pretty impressed with this screenshot, so I thought I would throw it up for the rest of […]

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The Daily Button – March 10th, 2008

After getting my HTPC 90% of the way setup I have decided to take a few months off from the site and enjoy it. With that said, John will be taking over operations from here on in. There might be a Linux flavor to the news and Tip Of The Day but (we) need to reach out to the inner […]

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Tip Of The Day: FFDShow

FFDshow got its claim to fame, at least in my little world, for being a DirectShow filter that would allow you to scale DVD content and apply various filters to it. Of course its other great feature is that it will play XviD and Divx with nary an issue. The Sourceforge page linked below has links to the forums and […]

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GBPVR 1.2.9 Is Now Available

GBPVR 1.2.9 is now available! With any new version comes a heapin’ ole pile of change. Nothing really stands out from the change list but it does look like Sub went through a lot of effort to polish, mature if you will, GBPVR. GBPVR is a freeware program developed by Sub in his spare time. If you read through the […]

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MythTV 0.21 Released!

I thought that our VAST MythTV audience would be interested to know that the MythTV developers have released version 0.21 this evening.  Here is a link to the release notes.  They give a detailed overview of what has been improved.  RPMs will be available shortly from ATRPMs, or you can grab the source here.  Now, go get your open source […]

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Omaura North American Retail Availability


We have been talking about Omaura at The vision they have for the HTPC case has certainly got us excited and we are glad to have their intial products hit North America! Omaura has teamed up with Dell to initially offer the TF11, TF8, IR KIT, and TF HDD. One thing that really catches my eye is the price of these […]

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Tip Of The Day: Netflix Watch Now


The whole concept behind a digital home is having your media when and where you want it. Netflix has certainly progressed this concept with their mail order DVD rental business and their "Watch Now" feature. No official partnership, as of yet, exists between Netflix and Microsoft, leaving a void that was filled by a couple enthusiasts of the Media Center […]

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Tip of the Day: What IS Concurrent Sessions?!?

Welcome new & old vistors alike! Are you curious as to what this whole Concurrent Sessions thing is and why is it our #1 most popular guide/article??? Well, today’s tip is for anyone who’s been intimidated by the seemingly many steps involved in our step-by-step guide. The idea of concurrent sessions with Media Center versions of Windows Vista stems from […]

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