Quick Guide to Fix Access to YouTube with MacroTube


Accessing streaming media from within the Windows Media Center interface has always been an issue; an issue that Microsoft never really stepped up to resolve, leaving WMC users to rely on the goodwill of community developers to devise solutions for accessing services such as YouTube. One of the more promising projects to come along in that vein was MacroTube. Unfortunately, […]

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CES Hands On With Tivo Netflix and YouTube updates

At CES this week Tivo was demoing their updated interfaced for Netflix and YouTube online streaming services running on the Tivo Premier. The new interfaces include updated search functionality, the ability to add movies to your queue, and even included 5.1 audio.  Tivo was also demoing a new companion box, yet to be named, that when paired with the Tivo Premier […]

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Samsung and YouTube Team Up in 3D

YouTube on TV

I was not aware that YouTube had 3D videos, but evidently the folks at Samsung were as they have launched a new app for their Smart TV platform called “YouTube on TV” specifically for YouTube’s 3D content. Now, to be fair, it sounds like Samsung had the inside scoop on YouTube’s 3D library because the two companies were talking up […]

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YouTube Gets Channel-Focused Facelift

If you have been to YouTube this weekend, then it likely looked a bit different than usual. Google is in the process of rolling out a major new look for YouTube intended to highlight YouTube’s content channels and personalization options. Simply visiting YouTube will reveal the new focus on channels, but login to your Google account and you will gain […]

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YouTube Adds Disney and DreamWorks Movie Rentals


So there you were Thanksgiving evening, the turkey carcass forgotten at the table, the football games done, and a house full of family overstaying their welcome, and you needed a movie to pacify the increasingly cranky kids that everyone was trying to ignore. If you pulled up YouTube in search of a movie rental then you had the opportunity to […]

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YouTube and Disney Teaming Up on Original Content

YouTube + Disney

We recently commented on Roku adding a Disney channel to its little streamer and the importance of being able to put the Disney brand on the box. Even when the content is not particularly compelling, the brand alone is enough to attract the attention of parents and children. YouTube may be counting on the same effect as YouTube and Disney […]

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YouTube vs. TV: Call It a Draw


We’ve been hearing about YouTube working on live content channels to compete toe-to-toe with traditional cable networks, but it seems that YouTube is already holding its own. The most recent Global Internet Phenomena Report from Sandvine tracking Internet traffic reveals what we already know: Netflix crushes everyone. However, it also reveals that YouTube is pulling some big numbers of its […]

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