This is my last official post at the helm of MissingRemote. As it turned out my remote was in the couch cushion all this time. Seriously, I looked there at least twice. While the batteries charge, I figured I would take the chance to annoy the masses one last time. Well lets address the obvious question of why I am […]

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Halcyon Works


Halcyon (IPA: /ˈhælsiÉ™n/), a term that originates from the Greek myth of Alcyone, is used most often to mean golden or marked by peace and prosperity. I can’t really draw a relation between HTPC cases on Halcyon but the term golden just might fit with what they have in store for the HTPC chassis world. Founded by a guy with a […]

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CyberEStore Contest – Winner!!

After a thorough radomizing of the entries, a winner has been pulled.  Everyone please congradulate "bsieve" as the winner of the Autumn Wave OnAir GT tuner gratiously provided by CyberEStore.com.  Thanks again for all those that entered.  We hope to run another contest in the not too distant future, so please stay tuned!  

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CyberEStore Contest! (Part Deux)


We’ve decided to extend the CyberEStore contest another 2 weeks to allow more people to participate.  Signing up is easy!  Just visit CyberEStore and browse around.  Pick three (3) items that appeal to you and post them in the forum contest thread.  That’s all!  Now that we have had our chocolate fix, take a few moments to enter.  You’ll be […]

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CyberEStore Contest!


It’s once again time to have another MissingRemote contest.  This time the prize is provided graciously by CyberEStore.  To participate, simply browse the CyberEStore’s web site, pick three (3) items you wish you could have and post them in the forum contest thread.  That’s it!  Take some time to browse all the sections as they have a wide variety of […]

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Sponsor Shoutout

I would like to take a minute to thank CyberEstore.com. Their continued support allows us to keep this website operational and deliver the best damn news and commentary the web has to offer. Artistic license aside, CyberEstore has a great selection of HTPC related goods including cases and tuner cards. Not only that they carry a wide range of other […]

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Netflix Winner

Joshua Spielman is our Netflix winner :). Please reply back to this post within a week to claim your prize. Congrats and enjoy your three month memebership to Netflix. Joshua won this prize for submitting "TV in Peril. Is Nothing Sacred?" news. If you would like to submit news for everyone in the Missingremote.com community to see, please hit the […]

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Follow MissingRemote on Twitter & Viddler

Feel free to follow me on twitter.  http://twitter.com/missingremote All of our videos are posted on Viddler and can be found here. http://www.viddler.com/explore/missingremote     As a friendly reminder, our community news contest is running through February 4th, 2009. Look for the submit news button on the right hand side of the page. If it does not appear, please log out […]

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Community News Contest


First off, let me thank the individuals who have contributed to the Community News. Secondly, I had better explain a bit more what community news is. Community News replaces our old user submitted news with a tweak or two :). Every post that is submitted using the submit news button to the right (you have to be registered to see […]

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