CES Hands On With Tivo Netflix and YouTube updates

At CES this week Tivo was demoing their updated interfaced for Netflix and YouTube online streaming services running on the Tivo Premier. The new interfaces include updated search functionality, the ability to add movies to your queue, and even included 5.1 audio.  Tivo was also demoing a new companion box, yet to be named, that when paired with the Tivo Premier […]

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Netflix officially announces UK, Ireland launch

On the cusp of the PS3 Netflix news, Netflix has officially announced Netflix for the UK and Ireland. Available for 5.99 pounds/6.99 euros a month, but starting today for those of our UK readers can join Netflix and use the service for free for one month.  While it was already live for many, Netflix has made its launch in the United Kingdom and Irelandofficially official, […]

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LOVEFiLM Stikes Deals with BBC Worldwide and ITV


Netflix recently announced it had made a deal to offer BBC Worldwide’s content when Netflix launches in the UK and Ireland. It was, however, a non-exclusive deal as LOVEFiLM has demonstrated by jumping in and cutting a deal of their own. Amazon announced today that their LOVEFiLM service has secured a deal similar to Netflix’s for access to the BBC’s […]

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Netflix App hits PlayStation 3 in the UK

For those “across the pond” readers in the UK and France, the long awaited Netflix App for the PS3 has been released. The downside? Netflix service is still not available. No word on when the service will be available, however head over and get the update to get your PS3 ready for when it hits. Netflix still isn’t offering a firm […]

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HBO Refusing to Provide Discs to Netflix

Netflix and HBO

I guess the executives at HBO decided the “Lilyhammer” trailer that Netflix released a couple of days ago looked pretty good. In just about a month Netflix will break into the world of original programming with a show that looks, at least vaguely, like the type of show that HBO has become famous for over the last 10-15 years. One […]

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Netflix Serves Over 2 Billion Hours of Content in Q4

Netflix will be providing their Q4 and annual financials soon, and investors are sure to be hoping that any big numbers are black rather than red, but in the meantime Netflix has been throwing around some other big numbers. The company recently announced that its 20 million customers streamed over 2 billion hours of content in the fourth quarter alone. […]

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Netflix Set to “Air” it’s Original Programming Feb 6th

Netflix has slowly been acquiring exclusive content to stream via its online service which is to begin next month. On February 6th Netflix will make available its first original production, Lilyhammer. Netflix has also commissioned a new series called House of Cards, and a new season of Arrested Development.  While I don’t subscribe to Netflix myself (Lack of true HD quality, and 5.1 audio) this is a good sign of things […]

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Roku Announces Over the Top on Stick


If your display is more than a year old, you know what it’s like to have been left behind by the OEM’s Over the Top (OTT) platform. It’s not hard to fix that by putting a Roku or other OTT streamer next to the display, but in some places (like a slim wall mount, bedroom, etc.) it can be difficult […]

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