United Kingdom and Ireland to Get Neflix Early 2012

Netflix seams to be in the news a lot lately, mostly for the bad news, however for our international readers, Netflix has announced it will be expanding its online streaming service to the UK and Ireland in early 2012. While the exact details on pricing, availability, movie selection, and device support, it is still great news for those looking to […]

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Netflix App Now Available for Honeycomb Tablets

Netflix on Android

The Netflix app has been available on Android for a while now, but only on devices that supported Android 2.2 or 2.3. Now, just in time for the release of Android 4.0, the Netflix app is available on Android 3.x devices. The app will also be available in Canada and Latin America for the first time. Android 3.x, or Honeycomb, is […]

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Streaming Video Watched in 42 Million Homes

This comes as to no surprise that streaming media is on the rise. The actual number on the other has is pretty impressive. 42 Million Homes throughout the United States and Europe are using connected devices (Media Streamers, Connected TV’s, Game Consoles) to stream TV, Movies and other video content. One interesting thing to note is that Europeans prefer to […]

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Roku 2 XS


Roku made a name for itself by providing a device that, for many, is synonymous with Netflix streaming.  The quality of that service, and other premium, IP delivered media, has increased significantly since the original box was launched, necessitating an update to modernize the lineup and provide support for HD content.  To address this, we now have the Roku 2 […]

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One Service to Rule Them All: Netflix Ditches Qwikster

Netflix Logo

Well, that didn’t take long. Netflix has already decided to kill off it’s new spin-off, Qwikster. The goal had been to spin the DVD rental business off into a separate company, but the immediate reaction was unsurprisingly hostile. No one questioned that Netflix would eventually have little use for the DVD rental part of their business, but no one was […]

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Amazon to Buy Netflix?


After the uproar created by previous Netflix announcements, this is right in line with what I had said might be the–seemingly ludicrous–reasoning behind the creation of a second business unit.  From the customer perspective, it sucks, but from a business perspective, it would have been precisely what was necessary.  Obviously, this is pure speculation on everyone’s part, but time will […]

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Netflix Renames DVD by Mail Service Qwikster


  Netflix, Inc. has sent out an email to its subscribers, directly from Reed Hastings (Co-Founder & CEO), apologizing for the many missteps in the past few months and vowing to do better. However halfway through the “I’ll Do Better Email” it is announced that the DVD by mail service will become its own separate service known as Qwikster, complete […]

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The New Netgear NeoTV 200


Every day we are seeing more and more device manufactures joining the streaming set top box market. Netgear has recently joined that market with the announcement of the NeoTV 200. The unit, out of the box, will support the standard set of online streaming services, Netflix, Vudu, and a few other services. The unit will support 1080p streaming, has built […]

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