Creston Adagio Media System : takes on video

Yowsa, Creston has a big bad boy of a multi-room A/V distribution system. The Adagio Media system pretty much does it all including surround processing, video switching and processing, sat radio support and much much much more. Out of the box it has support for 4 to 6 rooms and you can additional equiment to expand that up to 24 […]

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Avocent Point-to-Multipoint Wireless HDMI


I will follow this article with a bit more about wireless the wireless HDMI specification sometime tomorrow (check the comments). In the mean time, check out CE Pro's coverage of one of the first multi-cast wireless (and wired) HD distribution system from Avocent. You stream content to 8 devices if need be and it supports 72p/1080i, music and control data. […]

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Cinemateq : HDMI via optical cable

Tongue Out

For those needing to do those 100m HDMI runs, there is a solution now for you. Yes, the mansion is big, and yes I do . Cinemateq has come up with a optical HDMI cable with an external power supply that can transmit the signal up to 100 m. However, if the signal reaches over 100 m it is rumoured […]

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Xbox Live to offer HD movie downloads?

That title certainly got my attention. EngadgetHD is reporting on wild ass rumours that Xbox live may have a HD download service. Over 1000 hours of movies will make it on to the service with rentals costing 4 dollars a pop. Is Sony nervous? From the article: Seriously though, what a coup would that be if Microsoft swooped in to […]

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November 2006 Xbox Live Update


I would guess that Microsoft decided to release this nifty little 1080p update just in time for Sony's release date. Also included in this free update will be the ability to stream WMV files from another computer, ability to play files from data CD's and DVDs, and 50 hz display compatibility. mmm The 360 is sounding better and better. From […]

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AudioControl Processor Extends HD Signals 1000 feet

If your den and media server a a thousand feet apart in your mansion, you finally have a solution to extend HD video signals this length. The transmitter accepts the 1080/720 signal with audio and outputs a signal via cat 5 to a receiver box. The receiver box then decodes the information for display. From the article:  The Maestro M2e […]

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Slingbox PRO hands-on

Engadget has the skinny on the Slingbox Pro. The Pro features HD streaming through analog component out, which is not a deal breaker for me. However, they do want you to spend another $50 on the component input dongle, which is kind of silly. In typical blog fashion, the review is somewhat short and smarmy but it does get the […]

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