Evesham releases iplayer IPTV set-top box


Actually a pretty cool box, as it can not only stream IPTV, but also OTA HDTV, and upscale everything to 1080i. And it can even do e-mail and browsing…reminiscent of the dead WebTV, so hopefully it does everything else better. And at £300, it sure better! UK firm Evesham has released the iplayer high-definition media center for £299 (584 USD), […]

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D-Link DSM-510 Streams HD Content to Your TV


With a device like this, my concern is always on the limited number of decoders. Unlike an MCE Extender where you can at least use Transcode 360, what's to save you if a new codec comes out that this player doesn't support? And at $239, maybe a Wireless MVP from Hauppauge would be more appropriate…or even an XBox360 if MCE […]

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Mac SlingPlayer Updated

Zatz has the scoop on the latest SlingPlayer client for Mac and a couple of Mobile phones. Sling is a great method of place shifting your content! Its a stand alone component that will stream TV or any other source to a computer or hand held device. From the article: SlingStream™ is a proprietary streaming technology specifically designed to address […]

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Yamaha MusicCast MCX-2000 Music Server

If you already have a PC with a hard drive, there are some very cheap devices that can distribute you music around the home for you. Although, they certainly don't have the look and feel of a more professional product. I was pretty impressed by what the Yamaha offered in terms of network support. It handles Internet radio, podcasts, XM […]

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v2 Extenders To Be Vista Only

Can't really say I'm surprised. With what little benefits come with Vista Media Center, they need everything they can to get people to upgrade. I'll admit, if my 360 didn't extend MCE2005, I probably would have upgraded by now. “The Media Center Extender Platform Adaptation Kit enables partners to build Extenders for use with Windows Vista. Because Extender technology is […]

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Media Storage Challenges in the Digital Home

Networked Attached Storage is certainly becoming more mainstream over the past year. As the article mention, its no doubt due to the massive amounts of personal digital data everyone has. Everything from recordings, to family photos and downloadable movies. A healthy dose of competition certainly helps. In the past, anything labeled as an external storage device was marked up substantially […]

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Sling Media – The Dolby of Placeshifting?

Digital Trends had the opportunity to sit down with the CEO of Sling Media and chat with him about their products and technology. For those of you not in the know, the Slingbox allows you to take content from your TV, DVD player etc and strema it over the net. From the article: Along with rolling out new Slingbox products, […]

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Pinnacle PCTV To Go

Pinnacle just announced their foray into the Placeshifting market with the PCTV To Go. Somehow, I don't think Slingbox and company are worried right now but I will reserve judgement until I can get my hands on one. See the press release here: Avid Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVID), today announced that its consumer division, Pinnacle Systems, Inc., is expanding its […]

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