MythTV Updated to Version 0.26


MythTV has received an update, bringing the venerable FOSS media center program up to version 026. This latest version comes only six month after the release of version 0.25. Given that I am fairly certain the dinosaurs came and went in time between versions 0.24 and 0.25, version 0.26 had a relatively short development cycle, which might be part of […]

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GeeXboX Hits 3.0, Goes to (XBMC) 11

GeeXboX 3.jpg

The GeeXboX team seem to have to carved out an annual release cycle for themselves. For those not familiar with GeeXboX, GeeXboX is an HTPC-centric Linux distro aimed at PCs and ARM SoCs. The stated purpose is to provide a Media Center application that can play any kind of content from any location, and with the release of GeeXboX 3.0, […]

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Organize Your Media Files with Mediafile

I do not archive many television series, but those few that I have collected have been left in DVD rips because, frankly, I have been too lazy to separate the episodes and prep them for MediaBrowser or My Movies.  However this little tool might just be enough to convince me to take the plunge.  I also like the idea of […]

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Sneak Peak at Windows 8

Finally some official information regarding the future version of Microsoft Windows, and boy can you say “radically different”? It feels like they’re really trying to push the whole singular interface across devices…not sure how I feel about that yet. The fundamental goal with the new operating system, which is being shown for the first time at D9, is to create […]

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Digital Home Server Seeks to Simplify and Integrate Media, Applications and Home Automation

Digital Home Server

  MissingRemote forum member, Soitjes, posted to let us know about a new application named Digital Home Server (DHS). The application has been conceived to unify media playback, applications, widgets and home automation tasks into an interface that is simple, designed for touch control and can run on any size screen. DHS runs on Windows 7/Vista/XP and is completely free […]

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QVIVO Social Media Center Public Alpha

Ian Dixon over at The Digital Lifestyle pointed out a new media center program today called QVIVO. Like Ian, it was not a program I had heard of before, but it does show some definite promise. At its most basic level it is a fairly straighforward media front-end, but the folks behind QVIVO seem to have some big integration plans. There are public […]

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Windows Based Kinect Controls

United Kingdom based company has developed software for the Kinect to interact with the PC. They have developed add ins for Media Center that give you the same Kinect feel inside of Media Center. They have two different versions that come in Home and Business. Home is for everyday apps and business adds in office to the mix. The question […]

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XBMC Bug-fix Release: 10.1 (Dharma)

An update for the current stable release (10.0 Dharma) has been released. It is recommended that users update to 10.1 as it fixes a number of bugs and improves stability. The main focus of this release is to address a bug that could cause XBMC to freeze when updating a skin. We have held back skin updates from the main […]

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