Samsung Spins Off LCD Division, Doubles Down on OLED

Samsung LCD

Last week Samsung let slip that it was considering different ways to restructure is LCD division. Despite selling more flat-panel TVs than any other company in the world last year, their display business was responsible for more than $800M in losses, mostly due to price weakness in the LCD market. The LCD division will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung […]

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7 LCD Panel Manufactures Agree to Pay $553M for Price Fixing

Seven LCD panel manufacturers, including heavy-hitters such as Samsung, Sharp, and Hitachi, have reached a settlement that will see them paying out $553 million in response to price fixing allegations made in class action lawsuits brought by eight state attorney generals. The companies allegedly conspired to keep panel prices inflated from 1999 to 2006 with monthly meetings among executives to […]

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Sony Ends LCD Joint Venture with Samsung

Sony TV

Sony has not been shy about talking about the financial difficulties their storied television business has faced in recent years. The prescription has included a restructuring of the TV arm of the company and a critical reexamination of the various agreements that the company has entered into over the years, many of which have been financially disadvantageous for Sony. The […]

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