Some Logitech Revue Units Failing Due to Corrupted Firmware

Logitech Revue

If Santa delivered a Logitech Revue and you’ve been experiencing some trouble getting through the setup procedure, it might be a good idea to check and see if the MAC address begins with 1C6F657. Logitech has disclosed that an indeterminate number of recently manufactured Logitech Revue units shipped out with a corrupted firmware that causes the device to fail to complete […]

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SlingPlayer Web App Released for Google TV

SlingPlayer for Google TV

Sling Media has been working hard to get their SlingPlayer app deployed as broadly as possible. Most recently we saw apps for Facebook and then the Boxee Box, and now the SingPlayer app is available on Google TV. Officially called SlingPlayer for Logitech Revue, it will reportedly work just fine on Sony’s Google TV hardware as well. I suspect it […]

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Samsung and Google Taking the Slow Approach to Google TV

Samsung Google TV

Sony and Logitech were Google’s hardware launch partners for Google TV, but there were other companies looking at building their own hardware. One such company was Samsung, who even showed off a couple of early devices at CES 2011. Google wasn’t too keen on CE manufacturers showing their Google TV offerings last January and evidently Samsung wasn’t too keen on […]

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Google TV Gets Google Music

Google’s not wasting any time spreading the Google Music love. A day after announcing their newly revamped and expanded Google Music service, the Google Music app is already spreading out to various Android devices, including Google TV. Google TV’s Google Music app looks to be a slick way of syncing up with Google’s cloud and streaming your music collection. The Google […]

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Plex App now Available for Google TV

A lot of great things have been released recently from Plex and this is just one more thing. The team over at Plex have released an App for Google TV integrating the great features of Plex into Google TV.  With the new App you can do all the usual thing you can normally do with Plex, streaming media, accessing your […]

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GoogleTV Still Alive, Finally Gets an Update

Good for Google for continuing to update and not abandon their GoogleTV platform which has gotten off to a terrible start. I find a bit of irony in the update going first to Sony users, with Logitech soon to follow, especially considering how much flack Logi has gotten for all the wasted money they put into these boxes. Great rundown […]

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Logitech Revue Price Slashed in Half

Logitech Revue.png

It sounds like May’s price reduction of the GoogleTV-based Logitech Revue to $199 wasn’t enough to goose sales of the struggling device because Logitech has decided to reduce the price again this quarter to $99. Apparently, the whole affair has been enough to cause Logitech and now former CEO, Gerald P. Quindlen, to part ways. Even with the new pricing, it’s a […]

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