Ceton Echo Lives – Beta Begins in September


It’s been a while since we’ve checked the Echo’s pulse, so today’s news that the beta invitations went out today and will be starting up in September is welcome news. With no news on the fate of SageTV and Microsoft’s indifference towards Media Center in Windows 8, it’s awesome to have a touch of hope for those of us who […]

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Ceton Talks DVRs at the Cable Show

This video shot at the Cable Show doesn’t show anything new for those of us interested in the retail space, but it does show off some Q/Echo hardware porn if you can’t get enough. More interesting though is a bit into the discussion where Gary talks about Ceton’s UCrypt solution for hotels and stadiums.

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Ceton Mobile App and Echo Extender Beta Open Signup

We learned a lot about Ceton’s future plans at CES, when they unveiled previews of their Mobile Application and their Media Center Extender called “Echo.” Well while most people will be good continuing to wait until these hit the market for sale, a lot of enthusiasts will appreciate that they just announced they are accepting beta registration at http://beta.cetoncorp.com for […]

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Ceton Dishes on WP7 Mobile Companion for Q


I was impressed with the Q and associated companion applications when Ceton showed them off at CES, but there was a lot that we didn’t see given the time constraints and completeness of the mobile experience. Fortunately for us (who doesn’t like a nice teaser :)), Ceton has flushed out more detail around what they will deliver for Windows Phone […]

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It’s Official – Ceton Tuners Now $199


If you stay on top of the current deals, you surely noticed that both of the InfiniTV models dropped $100 over the last few days on Amazon and other retailers. One-off discounts aren’t generally news, but today it became official with Ceton announcing that they are changing the MSRP of their Digital Cable Tuners (DCT) to $199 making it the […]

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Ceton – CES 2012


When Ceton brought a four tuner CableCARD to the Windows Media Center community, they breathed new life into a product languishing from neglect. Not content to only do this, or be entirely dependent on the continued presence of Media Center in subsequent releases of Windows; they have created a “turnkey” competitor to TiVo (and hopefully an exit strategy for SageTV […]

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Ceton previews multi-room DVR and Echo extender

Some “out of left field” news from the Ceton camp, but interesting as well. The folks over at Ceton have been busy and I mean very busy. They are inviting the press at CES to their suit to show off their new Media Center Extender, as well as their dedicated Set-Top-Box based of of Windows 7 embedded which will include their very popular […]

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Ceton InfiniTV 4 USB Now Shipping

The long awaited USB version of the Ceton InfiniTV 4 has finally started shipping. For those of you running low profile, mini Home Theater PC’s you can now get your hands on the USB rendition of the famous quad tuner. Everything you can find on the PCI-E version of the InfiniTV 4 is what you can find on the USB […]

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Ceton Diagnostic Media Center Plugin Beta Release

Back in February Josh Pollard from The Digital Media Zone had created a simple diagnostics Ceton Cable Card tool for Media Center. Now fast forward today and Ceton has now released their official diagnostics tool. While the tool is still in beta form, it still allows for full visibility into the tuner, its settings, health, signal, you name it. The […]

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