Could Kodi get DRM support?

Ran across an interesting piece on TorrentFreak this morning noting that Kodi was open to working with content owners, including the possibility of of adding support for DRM into the platform. It’s an interesting idea, and would definitely make the software more useful for some things. I have to wonder if it would weaken its play in other areas like BD-Lite. What do you think? Is this a step in the right direction, or one too far?

The group behind the popular Kodi software is not happy that their media player is often linked to piracy. Copyright holders would like Kodi to block certain pirate add-ons, but the team doesn’t believe that would be effective. Instead, they’re inviting rightsholders to join their platform and are considering the addition of DRM to make that easier.


  • LOL, no chance. Dude, I

    LOL, no chance. Dude, I remember what a hassle DRM was for Windows Media Center, and that was the big and mighty Microsoft. No way it happens for Kodi. Ashame, but truth i fear.