Journey towards the right subwoofer

There is a lot of useful information included in the write-up. It’s more personal journey, than review, but either way well worth a read if you want to learn more about subwoofers in general and the SVS lineup in particular.

For as many changes as I’ve made to my home theater over the past couple years, I always manage to find something new that needs fixing or updating. In recent months, I’ve felt that my subwoofer was inadequate and the time had finally come to upgrade to a more capable model. With that decision made, new questions arise: How big, how expensive, and what type is best?

Prior to purchasing a house and building a dedicated home theater room, I had lived in an apartment for many years. My home theater at that time was crammed into a small spare bedroom. I neither needed nor had any space for a very big subwoofer. An 8″ powered unit was plenty enough to shake the room and upset my neighbors. Anything more than that was simply not practical.

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