Will The Lack of HDR Standards Threaten 4K Market

Standards are generally a good thing, and a single standard to develop a product against certainly makes it easier, and faster to create something that works. So I’m inclined to agree with the author’s premise, but I wonder if it’s really as dire as he suggests.

Ultra HD TV has a problem. Even as UHD/4K TVs are being sold and companies like Netflix, YouTube and DirecTV are pushing 4K content, the standards required for getting the best 4K viewing experience still need work. A lot of work, according to a recent report from SMPTE.

The ugly truth about Ultra HD is that the increase in resolution isn’t worth it. Under most viewing circumstances, the human eye simply cannot perceive the difference. There is a step improvement in Ultra HD video, however, but it derives from other properties: high dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamut (WCG).