What Are a CE Company’s Recycling Responsibilities?

I like getting new kit, and who doesn’t? Of course, when replacing something that’s broken, or just past its usable life, you need to figure out how to dispose of it in a way that doesn’t create problems for you, your neighbors, or the larger community. Unlike my neighbors, who feel fire is the best method for cleanup, most CE companies have opted to take responsibility for recycling, but it can be expensive and frustrating. HTR has a nice writeup of the current state of things in the US. The more you know…

The consumer electronics industry has clearly made major strides in its efforts to take back and recycle old TVs and other unwanted used devices in recent years. Early voluntary recycling efforts by CE manufacturers in the 1990s that were followed by stepped-up efforts after recycling laws were enacted in 25 U.S. states have contributed to massive amounts of electronic devices being recycled in this country over the past few years.