HTR Reviews Artison RCC Nano 1 Subwoofer

Speakers work by moving air. For a subwoofer to be any good, it needs to move a lot of air, right? With this in mind, I was pretty skeptical about how well a 7.5x8x9″ sub could do anything more than tickle. But like a lot of things, how well something works depends significantly on how you plan to use it, so it looks like this cute little guy does a decent job (properly caveated).

In at least one way, the Artison RCC Nano 1 is my all-time-favorite subwoofer. When I review headphones, I always put them on my desk next to my screen so that I have an easy visual reference. This makes my writing job much easier. The RCC Nano 1 is the first subwoofer I’ve been able to place on my desk and still have plenty of room for my computer and a cup of coffee. That’s because the Nano 1 measures only 7.5 by eight by nine inches.