BenQ Continues to Impress with the HT1085ST Projector

I got to see a BenQ projector first-hand when Kyle did a review on one last summer. It certainly sold me on the idea of a projector, and will be a strong contender for my next screen purchase when it becomes necessary. Their newest offering, the short throw HT1085ST can project 100″ from less than 5 feet away. It also allows for trapezoid correction, so you can mount it on a corner table or wherever you have space.

The brief press information is below, but I must say the details on their website seem to indicate they thought of everything. Not only to they make syncing wireless easy, but they thought of longevity in sealing the mirrors to dramatically slow the aging effect. I will be interested to see how it looks in person.

HT1075 and HT1085ST Home Theater Projectors for Big Screen Enjoyment  Building on the storied success of the company’s top-selling  W1070 and the short-throw W1080ST, BenQ’s new  HT1075 and HT1085ST home theater projectors take content to an entirely new level by combining the magic of over 1 billion colors, 3D-readiness, and the realism of full HD 1080p picture quality. The new projectors also add streaming and mirroring capabilities for handheld devices equipped with Mobile High-definition Link (MHL)  — allowing the simple transfer of small-screen content direc tly from any portable device. Adding to the projectors’ razor-sharp imaging are 2,200 ANSI lumens of bright ness and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, which turn colors from TV shows, movies, or sporting events into mo re natural-looking, film-like content. The result is an astounding feature set at a surprisingly small price tag, allowing enthusiasts to easily recreate full-on cinematic experiences right out of the box.