BenQ’s treVolo Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker

Now that’s how you title a press release…a registered name which describes what’s happening. BenQ actually released this product back in December, but is featuring it as one of their products at CES. That physics problem I mentioned in one of my previous posts? This technology is one of the ways to overcome that in a small package – via an electrostatic membrane to push the air. Basically, the membrane can be much lighter than a traditional speaker, thus more of the energy of the audio goes to push the air. It also means, if designed well, less distortion than a traditional speaker.

The speaker boasts a 12 hour play time per charge, but they admit it depends on “user scenario.” The looks still leave a little to be desired, but certainly no functionality was spared based on their description. If the quality is anything like other products we’ve reviewed, I imagine this will be impressive.

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BenQ Redefines Portable Audio With treVolo — the World’s First Electrostatic Bluetooth® Speaker Stylish New Speaker Delivers Unparalleled Highs and Accurate Bass to Let Music Take Flight for Up to Twelve Straight Hours COSTA MESA, Calif. — Dec. 10, 2014


BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned digital lifestyle solutions provider, today entered the audio market by introducing treVolo, the company’s first audiophile-grade Bluetooth® speaker. Designed to bring authentic audio experiences to any portable setting, treVolo allows enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite vocals the way they were intended to be heard. Featuring electrostatic speaker technology, a collapsible wing design, and bidirectional sound reproduction through three audio profile modes, the market’s newest game-changer allows today’s passionate music fans to enjoy soaring sound from any device.


“Audiophile-grade sound has never traveled so well,” said Bob Wudeck, Associate Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at BenQ America Corp. “With a stunning portable design, electrostatic speaker technology, and aptX Bluetooth integration, treVolo lets users listen to their music anytime, anywhere. Offering up to twelve hours of continuous play from streaming music services or handheld devices, music lovers can enjoy extraordinary vocal clarity, expressive bass, and uninterrupted on-the-go sessions on a single charge with treVolo.”


Engineered specifically for today’s discriminating audio enthusiasts, BenQ’s treVolo portable speaker uses electrostatic technology to provide the overall tonal balance that was previously only available on high-end, floor-standing speakers. Delivering superior sonic quality, the technology guarantees that every musical nuance is transported crisply and cleanly — setting a new standard in wireless speakers. treVolo’s main electrostatic drivers emit sound forward and backward, making it more spacious and natural. For accurate bass, the speaker features dual woofers with dual passive radiators, while the speaker’s quadamplified design optimizes driver output for maximum performance.


Available in silver or black, the beautifully crafted treVolo features collapsible wings that allow for easy transport, plus its timeless anodized metal finish with polished details adds an air of elegance to any listening environment. In addition, a speakerphone function with noise-cancelling microphone enables users to make and take calls anywhere, even in noisy spaces.


Designed for audiophiles, treVolo features three preset audio profile modes to generate unique electrostatic sound signatures that optimize any type of music. Using its “Pure” default mode, treVolo provides balanced tonal accuracy with minimal equalization to maintain a song’s natural detail. For a softer sound experience, the device’s “Warm” mode generates a more traditional Bluetooth speaker sound with emphasis on accurate bass reproduction. Lastly, treVolo’s “Vivid” mode allows users to accentuate vocal melodies or lead instruments such as guitars, horns, or other elements in complex multitrack recordings. As a result, listeners can easily customize their audio experience — regardless of musical genre, recording technique, or device. Using aptX Bluetooth wireless technology, treVolo allows music aficionados to instantly pair handheld devices including iPhones®, Android™ devices, tablets, or PCs without the limitations of line inputs or the need for power outlets. As a result, listeners can unleash portable sound directly from streaming music services such as iTunes®, Pandora®, Spotify®, or any personal digital library using a compact, versatile, and stylish solution. Incredibly flexible, treVolo adds a 16-bit digital USB input for enhanced connectivity from any PC, tablet, or audio player, as well as an analog line-out function that enables the unit to operate as a Bluetooth receiver in a home environment if desired.


BenQ’s treVolo electrostatic Bluetooth speaker goes on sale today, just in time for the holidays, at $299 retail. To learn more about treVolo, electrostatic speaker technology, and more, please visit


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(1) Based upon Q3‘14 Quarterly Projector Shipment and Forecast Report from PMA Research