CES 2018 – RHA headphones

Not ashamed to admit that I ended up in the RHA suite mostly due to some clever marketing, so even if I hadn’t had a chance to listen to some amazing headphones it still would have been worth it. Funny thing, is that the main focus of the evening were the MA650 & MA750 Bluetooth wireless headphones with 12 hours of claimed battery life.

No doubt, they were both very nice. With the MA750 ($170) providing a markedly better sonic experience, but for me the fit was a bit better with the MA650 ($100). Now this could have been one of those things where with a bit of fussing about with the “ear hooks”, or plastic surgery, could easily fix. Hard to say for sure with just a few minutes of listening. The real star here though was the T20 ($190)/T20i ($200) wired headphone – just amazing. Easily the best I heard at the show, even compared to a $350 set from a much “bigger name” experienced later in the show. I am really hoping to get one, or all of these in for review to run through the paces, but I can’t imagine being disappointed given what I heard so far.