CES 2018: Humon Hex advanced fitness wearable

Humon: “Are you an athlete?” Me: “I pretend to be…” was how our conversation started about the Humon Hex, a fitness wearable intended mainly for runners and cyclists. As an aging someone who fits neatly into both of those categories, anything that promises to help me get more out of a workout and minimize injury is an item of interest.

The Hex is worn around the quad, with the intent being that by being able to directly monitor the major muscle group used in both activities it is better able to make suggestions around warm-up, pace, and recovery. It all sounds great, and if it works, the $295 asking price isn’t that far off of what I would be willing to pay for a good fitness wearable with the coaching features it has to offer. My biggest concern, and the last question I asked was “does it feel weird having it strapped to your leg”. The answer I received was “you would think that, but no”, which sounds exactly like the kind of thing that I would want to validate for myself.