CES 2018 – MySmartBlinds Bluetooth retrofit kits and bridge

I love the concept behind MySmartBlinds { https://www.mysmartblinds.com/products/automation-kit} solar powered $99 2.5” automation retrofit kit. I would love to have automated blinds, but the cost of a complete replacement is prohibitive. Especially considering that the blinds we have are in great shape. If rollers are more your thing, a kit should be available in a few months for $149.

The main drawback I have with the system is that it relies on a Bluetooth + a smart phone to control the blinds. This really limits the potential for a more advanced installation in an automated smart home. There is an $89 Bluetooth-to-Wi-Fi bridge also coming in the March ’18 timeframe, which promises Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings support. This is probably good enough, but I would love to see native Z-Wave, or Zigbee, support built into the blinds themselves.