Google Announces $35 Chromecast….Roku & AppleTV Competition

Google had quite the day after some underwhelming earnings this week. The internet giant announced a new streaming stick called “Chromecast” that comes in at $35–and with this it also includes 3 months of Netflix streaming service for free, so basically the device costs $11. Basically it’s a competitor to Apple’s Airplay, and allows you to stream content from your PC, Tablet or phone to your TV. Details are still coming up, but this sounds like a major player.

Let’s talk first about what the Chromecast does (and does not) do. Just insert it into a spare HDMI port on your television, and wirelessly call up whatever’s on your phone, tablet, or laptop from your cloud and directly to your television. Clean, simple, effective. It’s currently compatible with Netflix, YouTube, Google Play content and, most importantly, your desktop Chrome browser. It outputs at 1080p. It’s like AirPlay, if AirPlay also worked on PCs and Android phones.



  • I have ordered one.Currently

    I have ordered one.
    Currently own a Roku 3 and a Samsung smart TV.
    When I recieve the
    Chromecast I will tell you what I think.

  • And the Netflix promo is no

    And the Netflix promo is no longer around for any new orders. =(  Oh well, I guess I should’ve ordered faster.,0,483513.story

  • I have seen reports that

    I have seen reports that BestBuy orders still have the promotion.
    I can not however confirm or deny this.
    The coupon I applied to my NetFlix account gave me a nice credit
    and the final price for the Chromecast for me was $11

    • Night Rider wrote:

      I have

      [quote=Night Rider]

      I have seen reports that BestBuy orders still have the promotion.
      I can not however confirm or deny this.


      A deal website I visit has hit and miss with people still getting in on the promo via Best Buy, so I might try and grab one from there tomorrow and see if I get lucky.

  • nerdshowandtell

    I have one and have to say

    I have one and have to say this was the easiest piece of add-on TV tech I’ve ever installed.  This thing works great and is a must have for all TVs in the house.  I have 3 more on the way.  It changed the way I think about my TVs.. No longer will I deal with updating boxes, apps, etc per each TV.  Now they are just monitors I will throw content to, using the phone and tablet interfaces we already know and keep up to date.  

  • Received package today from

    Received package today from Best Buy.
    Installed in under 10 min and casting NetFlix and YouTube video
    to my Samsung 55″ plasma TV – not a smart TV.

    Video quality from NetFlix Chromecast to the TV is equal to our Roku 3.
    it’s fast and changes YouTube streams quickly.

    I’m impressed as the Google Chromecast out of the box it’s an A+ 

  • The chromecast is great..

    The chromecast is great.. nice on the big screen and my 5 years already knows how to use it. Well worth the $35, plus more apps are coming out with support already.

  • Bestbuy’s website is still

    Bestbuy’s website is still offering the promo Netflix code(seems to go in and out of stock a bunch).  I was able to get one online last week and I’m digging the Chromecast so far.  While I don’t need one for the main setup, the HTPC covers those bases, it’s great for the bedroom (much easier WAF factor than the TV’s built in Netflix).  I already ordered a 2nd one to use for a guest TV.  And from what I’ve gathered, I’ll be able to use my 2nd 3 month Netflix code with 2 weeks to spare before the code expires (they don’t let you enter multiple codes until the previous code’s time is used up, so I guess I won’t be doing a 3rd one LOL).

    Hoping as the SDK for the Chromecast evolves that they make local playback and option (and HBOgo and Amazon Prime video would really great).