Mediabrowser3 Public Beta Now Available

The latest version of mediabrowser is available for public beta testing and is accessible at their website  This new mediabrowser 3 offers user profiles and a server component—where the server is a centralized solution to maintain your library, plugins and preferences in one location. In addition, they also offer a stand-alone mediabrowser theater that has integrated the VLC player […]

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Intel HD 4600 – madVR Performance


As many in the home theater PC (HTPC) community are aware, madVR produces an unparallelled level of flexibly and performance. Producing results that rival some of the best dedicated video processors available in the market. It was not that long ago that utilizing this advanced video renderer was limited to those with a high-end discrete graphics processing unit (GPU) and […]

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Balancing the Tech In Your Home and the Ones You Love

For many techies that have been doing electronics or HTPC’s (Home Theater PC’s) for a while, you have definitely seen this phrase in forums and blogs. So what is the WAF or GAF? If you’re a bit new to the HTPC world, the acronym stands for “Wife Acceptance Factor” or “Girlfriend Acceptance Factor”. Ah, rings a bell now doesn’t it? […]

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New Version of My Channel Logos Released

My Channel Logos is a great app for Windows Media Center users, that helps tweak the TV Guide listings to be easier to read. It modifies the channel mappings and will show the channel icons next to the channel numbers, making it a much more attractive screen. Well they have a new release out now with quite a few improvements: […]

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Intel Quick Sync: Examining Haswell Performance


In the recent release of 4th generation (Haswell) Intel Core integrated processor graphics (IPG), Intel placed significant focus on changes made to Quick Sync transcoding technology included with the HD graphics portion of the chip. As the review developed, it became evident quite quickly that this aspect of the Intel Core i7-4770K warranted specific coverage outside of the more general […]

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Ceton infiniTV6 Ethernet


When it comes to Digital Cable Tuners (DCT), time has been extremely generous to the home theater PC (HTPC) enthusiast. What was once $200 per tuner is now just $50. With multiple options for connection and tuner count per device available, the market appeared complete, though obviously it was not with Ceton still holding an additional card to play – […]

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Asus Announces VivoPC home theater at Computex

Asus announces a New VivoPC home theater PC for use connected to your TV. They are claiming it can double as your main PC. They don’t say much what hardware is in the machine, but they say it has the new 802.11ac standard wireless for HD streaming over wireless. It does have Windows 8 with fully upgradable hard drive and […]

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Intel Core i7-4770K (Haswell) / Intel DZ87KLT-75K and Intel DH87RL Motherboard – First Look


For home theater PC (HTPC) enthusiasts, the 4th generation Intel Core “Haswell” family of processors has been greatly anticipated. Expectations have been set both for its GPU performance, and that the long-standing issue with refresh rate accuracy will finally be put to rest. Unfortunately time with the new integrated processor graphics (IPG) was limited to just a few hours, but […]

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