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We’ve heard some complaints that the password reset function is having some issues we’re working on. In the meantime, if anyone is having trouble logging into the site, please e-mail me directly and I’ll manually reset your password. Sorry for the inconvenience My address is mike (at)

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Phoenix 2 for Sage TV Now Available!

Phoenix 2 for SageTV

While SageTV may have been acquired by Google, this has not put much of a damper on a very active user development community. New tools and plugins are still being released for SageTV all the time. The latest new release is Phoenix 2, a sleek, streamlined, and very responsive new user interface that takes advantage of the existing metadata and […]

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As we march towards more efficient CPUs it is great to see OEMs taking advantage of the inherent capabilities to deliver smaller form factors. We saw it with Intel’s NUC, where they provided a very cabable bare-bones HTPC, and now GIGABYTE has come out with something similar. I’m really happy to see more vendors/competition in this space. Full PR after […]

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VidaBox LiivNAS Gets Rackmountable Dune Edition


When it comes to no-hassle media playback it’s quite easy to recommend picking up one of Dune HD’s media streamers. They provide a simple “just works” content experience, but there is still some work to do when it comes to unified file storage and delivering a rich, navigable UI. Which is where VidaBox comes in with the “LiivNAS: Dune Edition”. […]

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Kwikset Announces Updated Connected Deadbolt


No Home Automation (HA) is really complete without connected deadbolts making it possible to manage access. Which is exactly why I have the original Kwikset Z-Wave locks in my home. Frankly, I’m a big fan and there’s a lot to like about the locks, especially SmartKey which lets you re-key the locks whenever you want without involving a locksmith. There […]

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