New Version of My Channel Logos Released

My Channel Logos is a great app for Windows Media Center users, that helps tweak the TV Guide listings to be easier to read. It modifies the channel mappings and will show the channel icons next to the channel numbers, making it a much more attractive screen. Well they have a new release out now with quite a few improvements:

  1. Add logos that are 25% Wider
  2. Database reworked US Logos with twice the quality
  3. Extra Large Guide
  4. Autopopulate HD Channels
  5. More logos in a smaller space
  6. Coming Soon: 10′ Interface for the app

Get the new version at

  • I was able to test this out

    I was able to test this out last night, and i’m pretty shocked at how simple it is to use and configure. Within 5 minutes my guide was filled with the station icons. They’re really easy to read, and I think the entire appearance of the guide is much better now.

    I should warn you, I’m getting the feeling I’m going to be obsessed with getting channel logos everywhere, so it may become quite a time suck for me….but well worth it if you were on the border of getting it, FYI.