Fall TV New Shows NBC

I just posted about GeekTonic list about ABC Shows, and Mike posted links to GeekTonic’s FOX shows. But this is the one I am most excited about. NBC seems to have some of the better if not most talked about new shows. Whitney looks funny and witty and looking forward to that one. Smash is a new musical based show like Glee but about making a Broadway show, it has some potential. The Playboy Club is also in this mix and it has presented itself as a drama and crime type series, defenitly worth a watch once or twice. Grimm is one that doesn’t look like it has much hope, GeekTonic talks about his opionons here:

A new sci-fi drama from NBC that has an intriguing concept, but I don’t give it much hope. Unfortunately they have it matched up with Fringe and Supernatural – in similar formats at the same timeslots. Not a good way to introduce a new show especially on a Friday. Grimm was originally slated to be a mid-season replacement last year and never made it out so the network obviously doesn’t have a high opinion of it already.

GeekTonic Fall TV Preview NBC