Syfy’s Fall Lineup


Syfy announced its upcoming fall lineup.  While the Syfy channel doesn’t actually seem to like much science fiction anymore, there are a few remaining things I’m looking forward to, including the 4 hour original movie Neverland, which is a Peter Pan prequel, and the season finales of some of my favorite shows (quoted below).  Note that I have yet to […]

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Fall TV New Shows NBC

I just posted about GeekTonic list about ABC Shows, and Mike posted links to GeekTonic’s FOX shows. But this is the one I am most excited about. NBC seems to have some of the better if not most talked about new shows. Whitney looks funny and witty and looking forward to that one. Smash is a new musical based show like […]

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Fall TV New shows for ABC

GeekTonic posted his new shows from CBS, FOX and now ABC. He has a very indept look at the new shows coming for the fall. Today we are focusing on his ABC line up. He has a great article with embedded video of previews of each of the new shows coming. They have shows like Last Man Standing (with Tim […]

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