Got a Problem with your SSD and Standby?

This is the first I’ve heard of this issue, and since I’ve been using SSDs and S3 standby for quite a while I was skeptical at first.  After checking it out there does seem to be a serious problem (some users report a bricked drive!) going on at least with SandForce based SSDs and standby.

Anyone had an issue with using standby and an SSD? 

The problem is that when certain computers with SSDs are put to sleep, they will hang, cause a blue screen of death, or force a restart when woken up again. This has not been a widespread issue, and appears to happen only for a small (though significant) subset of certain brands. Some manufacturers have noted that the sleep problems seem to result from “compatibility” problems rather than the drives themselves, while other brands of drives appear not to have the problem at all.

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  • Sure do.  With my 60gb Vertex

    Sure do.  With my 60gb Vertex 2 and my previous motherboard(can’t recall the model # off the top of my head, old 775 socket), I couldn’t do sleep(or hybrid) at all (hibernate worked fine), it would hang/bluescreen or if it did start the drive wouldn’t be mounted or detectable.  With my new Biostar TH67+ system, about 1 out of every 10 wake ups, it would wake up but the drive wouldn’t be mounted correctly.  So I went back to using hibernate, it takes a few seconds longer than sleep but it is stable at least(less than 10 seconds to load so it’s not too bad).  I keep doing the latest firmwares hoping one will eventually fix it.

    My Onyx 32gb drive on the other hand never has had waking/sleep issues.  But on one motherboard, it would randomly disappear from the system (even bios wouldn’t detect it).  It would take a hard power cycle (sometimes a couple) before the drive would reappear.  I saw other people with the same problem on forums too(never had any luck debugging it, chalked it up to not liking my hardware).  Thankfully, it hasn’t vanished once since I put in a different system (going on a few weeks now, fingers crossed).

  • I’ve seen this on every ASUS

    I’ve seen this on every ASUS motherboard + SSD I’ve tried in the last 2 years.

  • I’ve had great success with a

    I’ve had great success with a G.Skill Phoenix Pro (SF-1200), GA-H55M-USB3 board and S3. 

  • 3 of my MB’s are from MSI H67

    3 of my MB’s are from MSI H67 family.  I have a 60GB agility 2, 60GB vertex 2 and 60GB Phoenix Pro in each of them.  They all seem to be working well sleeping/waking/hibernating….(knock on wood).

  • I have three systems running

    I have three systems running with SSDs.  All the SSDs are OCZ drives.  One Vertex, and two with Vertex2.  I have found they were never stable with respect to S3 sleep using the Intel SATA drivers (iastor.sys).  Instead I have changed them all to use the default Microsoft AHCI driver (msahci.sys) and things have been rock solid since.  This precludes using the Intel RAID capability (at one time I had the two Vertex2 drives in RAID0 — which is a bad idea due to lack of stability of the Intel driver, and the fact that an Intel RAID0 setup doesn’t pass though TRIM), but it works.

    Motherboards range from Intel to ASUS.  One ASUS Rampage Extreme III with a core i7-980x.  One ASUS P7H55D-M EVO with a Core i3-530.  And now a SandyBridge setup with an Intel DH67GD and i3-2100t.  Most of my sleep problems were with the i7 system as that one was the only one where I had RAID0 for a pair of Vertex2 drives.  But I had the odd problem with sleep on the i3 system as well, and because of the problems with the i7 system, I never trusted the Intel drivers from then on.  And they are not really necessary if you’re not using RAID…

    Side note: For a while I did run the Intel 8 series driver that resulted from just letting Windows Update choose the driver and it was stable even in the RAID0 config.  But never did have any luck with the 9 or 10 series driver available from Intel’s website.


  • ImTheTypeOfGuy

    I have the Asus Sabertooth

    I have the Asus Sabertooth with a 2600k. I have two 120 GB Vertex 2 SSD’s striped. When it goes to sleep overnight I can’t wake it up without turning it off and then back on.

  • That is an issue w/ the ASUS

    That is an issue w/ the ASUS Sabertooth sadly.  ASUS is working on it but an ongoing issue that I sadly don’t believe will be fixed.  The only work-around other than not sleeping is to setup hibernation.  The system will still hang but when you turn it off and back on it will resume from the hibernate state.