2011 Denon CI Models Announced

In itself, there isn’t much newsworthy in a product announcement of an updated line of AVRs, but the expansion of the CI (custom integrator) features downward towards consumer pricing is – and hopefully the beginning of a trend.  One of the main reasons I’ve been eying the current generation AVR-3311CI vs. the non-CI models are its RS232 and Ethernet (including IP control) features.  Looks like there’s going to be a ~$600 SRP CI model that will include it come June; just might have to revise my wish list.

 The company’s new IN-Command Series line, expected to be available in May
2011, includes Models AVR-2112CI (SRP:$599.99), AVR-2312CI (SRP:$799.99) and AVR-3312CI (SRP:$999.99).  They all feature a host of easy-to-use command and control and content access capabilities and ahead-of-the-curve lifestyle features geared toward today’s “networked home,” …


  • This is really great to see.

    This is really great to see. Ethernet and RS232 controls are important to enthusiasts looking to automate and control their home theater. The 2112 Denon is half the MSRP of last year’s 3311.

    • Yeah, that 2112 is really

      Yeah, that 2112 is really tempting.  I’ll have to see how it lines up in price against the 3311 when the time comes.