Bioshock Mineral Oil Media Center Case

Now here’s a pretty darned cool take at an HTPC enclosure. It’s not your traditional HTPC-style case mod, but it is effective in noise suppression and the user does use a Zotac board. I’m not a Bioshock player but this would be pretty awesome.

I’ve wanted to make a mineral oil PC for a couple years now. Not necessarily because of the cooling benefits or anything performance related, I just thought they looked really nice. Also, it visually goes against one of the major rules of electronics (don’t get them wet!). I had recently built a media center but I didnt like the case, and since it runs 24/7 in my room, the fan noise was annoying while i was trying to sleep. It has an on-board Atom/Ion combo so it runs cool, but i still had a fan on the case that i was hesitant to remove.