August 3rd Blu-ray Releases

Lots of good releases this week including some classics being released such as Breakfast Club and Fargo. Splinter was a fun gruesome fest, as was the classic Kalifornia. Honestly wasn’t too big a fan of Bull Durham, but there are out there so it’s out on BD now as well. Oh and Charlie’s Angels, how could I have missed that. One last note, I’ve included the artwork below of A Prophet–this was a fantastic french film (I know, subtitles…but worth it!) about a guy that ends up in a mob-run prison and the adventure…well worth the time I promise!

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week

Fair warning before you read this–if you are against even the idea of watching kids curse and kill people, then this movie is NOT for you. I was unfamiliar with the comic series of the same name, so I wasn’t sure what to expect outside of the reviews I had read or seen of it. There seemed to be a fair amount of either LOVE or HATE for this movie, and I can understand why. It’s rather taboo, but the movie deals with some young children who take it upon themselves to battle crime. Nicolas Cage plays the father of one of them, and I was very surprised with his performance. The movie is action packed, full of fight scenes and it does not hold back on the blood. It was a very fun ride, as long as you know what you’re getting into before you begin. Definitely not for the squeamish.

Note:  Warner Brothers,Universal and Fox titles which  have the 30-day Netflix/Redbox rental window imposed on them are noted with ** next to the title.