Home Theater Magazine Reviews Two BD Players

Coming in at $350 and $699 I’m not sure that either player really warrants the cash outlay unless you really need discrete analog outs.


To 3D or not to 3D, that is the question. Sorry to go Shakespeare on
you, but I’m skeptical as to whether 3D is the next big thing on the
horizon. Samsung is one of the major players vying for your 3D dollar,
and I have to give the company credit for leading the charge on the next
advancement in home entertainment. You may recall that Samsung was the
first company to release a Blu-ray player (BD-P1000). While that launch
wasn’t as smooth as the company would have liked due to a faulty
noise-reduction setting, Samsung eventually fixed it, and the format has
now become mainstream. Is history going to repeat itself for Blu-ray
3D? And if not, is the BD-C6900 worth your 2D investment?


A quick Internet search can easily turn up a Blu-ray player or two for sale at close to $100—and plenty of decent-performing ones for less than $200. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a refurbished player for under a hundred bucks. The great thing about the situation for consumers is that there are plenty of goodperforming, affordable Blu-ray players out there—but that means any upscale manufacturer has its work cut out for it to distinguish itself from the herd. So if a manufacturer is going to be bold enough to come out with a Bluray player for $699 or so, that machine had better be top notch.