Update: Ceton InfiniTV 4


Update: As promised a newsletter was sent and it is good news.  See a copy after the break.


It isn’t much but if you, like us, are anxiously awaiting your Ceton InfiniTV 4 Jeremy Hammer [VP Systems Integration, Ceton Corporation] gave us some hope of a July release.

We will make sure to update when the newsletter is sent later this week.


I know everyone is very anxious to get their infiniTV and we will be sending out another newsletter this week with an update. (hint: it is good news).

Thanks for your patience. 


Ceton Newsletter #3: Production has Begun

Dear Michael,

We want to pass along some good news and let you know that the Ceton InfiniTV 4 quad-tuner cards are now in production! Ceton personnel are currently overseas supervising the final assembly and testing process. We’re sorry for the unexpected delays but many other companies were hit with parts shortages as we were, including Apple for the release of iPad and iPhone 4. Delivery of units will begin as soon as final testing and shipment from overseas have been completed. We’ll update you shortly as soon as we can confirm an actual delivery date.

There has been much discussion and speculation in the community about the driver installation procedure. InfiniTV 4 will not come with a driver CD. Initially the driver will be downloaded from the www.cetoncorp.com website and installed by the user. We are working with Microsoft to integrate the InfiniTV driver into Windows Update so that it will be installed automatically when detected by Windows in the future.

Thanks for your interest and support! 


The Ceton Team

  • You’ll need to size the board
    You’ll need to size the board according to your motherboard and components. In my case, the PC is a gutted Dell Inspiron 518 Core 2 Quad Q6600 with 4 GB Ram and an ATI HD4650 with HDMI/ audio and DVI output. It’s a great video card for this setup since it’s extremely quiet and has great 3D gaming performance. Frame the size of your motherboard with power supply adding another 1″ all around.