July 13th Blu-ray Releases

Remember when there would actually be more than one new release every week? It’s been a while, so I don’t blame you if you don’t either. Either way, there are some good older movies this week. Also of note, I can’t remember a week with this many titles that won’t be available initially through Netflix…just a notice.

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week


In Bruges came out two years ago and got a ton of notice. I’m not the biggest Colin Farrell fan but he and the rest of the cast do a wonderful job. The story deals with two hitmen who have to travel to Bruges to keep low and avoid some disaster, and all sorts of stuff ensues. The leading characters share great screen chemistry and I was thoroughly entertained throughout the film. Well worth a view if you missed it originally.

Note:  Warner Brothers,Universal and Fox titles which  have the 30-day Netflix/Redbox rental window imposed on them are noted with ** next to the title.