Netflix Edges Past Hulu In Total U.S. Traffic

Pretty cool report here and not all that surprising given some changes recently with Hulu along with the increased movie collection of Netflix. Plus the fact that most Netflix viewers will sit for entire movies and shows, where a lot of Hulu viewers use it for clips, and it makes sense.

According to comScore, plain Web traffic in terms of unique individual visitors to Netflix was 20.2 million in June, 2010, just edging past Hulu’s 19.7 million (see chart). The vast majority of Netflix visitors are there to add movies to their mail-in DVD list, but increasingly they are starting to stream them directly as well. Overall traffic has been growing nicely since April, when Netflix streaming became available on the Wii. Traffic is up 15 percent since April (during a time when Hulu traffic has been essentially flat), and 46 percent from last year. On an annual basis, Hulu is still growing much faster, though, with 126 percent growth.