June 12th – the next Media Center/WHS user group!

If you are in the UK and interested in Media Center, this should be a fantastic event with lots of good info…and shwag!! Ian Dixon (and our own Andrew Cherry) have been doing a ton of work behind the scenes getting this running, so many kudos! Too bad it’s UK only!


I as I have said previously we have been working hard to get the next
Windows Media Center / Windows Home Server user group event arranged and
with the help of Microsoft UK we are close to finalising the details.
So I want to give you a heads up on the date: Saturday June 12th at a
secret location in Birmingham, once we have everything arranged I will
let you know the exact details but I can say it looks a great location.
We will have multiple presentation rooms, coffee areas /chill out rooms
and exhibiter spaces so it will gives us much more scope than we had
last year.