Weekly Podcast Roundup, Late Friday Edition

My apologies for being delayed on the podcast roundup. I am still up here in gorgeous Seattle, just wrapping up the annual Microsoft MVP Summit. Lots to listen to on my flight back, so enjoy as always!

MythTVCast – Episode 16

Listener emails.Pat’s new HDTV.Dan talks about making administration of multiple boxes easier.Netflix streaming on Linux? Boxee and XBMC vs MythTV.


Entertainment 2.0-Episode 65: The Hockey Minute

First up this week is Boxee and Windows Media Center Integration 1.0. A new tool, this app will place a tile in Media Center linked to Boxee and through magic in the background will close Media Center and open Boxee when selected. It does the process in reverse once you’re ready to head back. I’ve been using Boxee for awhile now and this is something I’ll be installing very soon myself. If the transition is as smooth as other solutions, you should be good to go as far as not having to touch a mouse or keyboard.


The Media Center Show #244 – 40TB Home Server

This week joining me is Dale Kirkwood a Windows Media Center and Windows Home Server enthusiast, we will be talking about his massive 40TB Windows Home Server and how he is integrating it with his Media Center setup. Dale talks about the hardware he used to build his home server and the software and services he uses to connect it all up


HD Nation » Episode 32: Sony’s 3D Upgrade, A $30K Bed-Sized Plasma, Netflix’s HD

HD Plasmas the size of your bed! Your home theatre PC controller suggestions! Can you get HD Netflix streaming on your PC? And the Blu-ray releases for February 17th, 2010.


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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast – Podcast #412: VIA: Vizio Internet Apps

The commercial featured a robot arm throwing Beyonce and a bunch of other random stuff into a pit. Somehow all these things, among which were Internet staples such as Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook, became the VIA (Vizio Internet Apps) product. Apparently Vizio has added some of their own widgets to the standard Yahoo! TV Widgets.

Engadget HD Podcast 178 – 02.16.2010

What seemed like a slow week ended up giving us plenty to talk about, which is mostly because of the Olympics. This excitement was despite the fact that NBC tape delays — do we still call it that when we know there are no tapes involved? — too much, and in some cases everything, and the fact that the interactive features leave a lot to be desired. We eventually move on and talk streaming from Netflix and EPIX, and how low our expectations are for TiVo’s announcement in a few weeks. Of course we talk a little 3D and how much cheaper it is than most thought it’d be, and finally we move on to fun things like law suits, wireless HDMI and spectrum buy back options.

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast – Podcast #413: HT Guys HDTV Recommendations

We receive emails from listeners all the time asking us which HDTV we recommend. That list will vary depending on the use case and budget of the emailer. On today’s show we’d like to tell you what our picks are for a typical use scenario for low to medium budgets.


Seen in HD 22 – Olympics, Sleeping Beauty review and more

After the flu canceled last week’s show, Seen in HD is back for episode 22. We start things off with a quick discussion on Windows Phone 7 and its potential as a HD video player since it has a lot of similarities to the Zune HD. More info needs to come out on the video playbacks features, but Phil was particularly intrigued.


TDL Mobile Show #26 – MWC

What better way to follow-up last week’s round table than to get the whole gang together to talk Mobile World Congress news. There is no doubt that Windows Phone 7 Series (or Windows 7S, as we have dubbed it) stole the show, but there was also some news that came from manufacturers like HTC, Sony Ericsson, and Nokia. Get ready because this is a long one.


Entertainment 2.0-Episode 64: The Slamingest Episode EVAR!

James is the owner of RevoHTPC.com and he’s joined us this week to share his experiences with the Acer AspireRevo PC he uses as his Media Center. I’ve been curious about the Revo for a long time and James’ site provides great info on using this nettop as an HTPC. Head over there to see how James’ setup is coming together.