Thursday Podcast Roundup, November 19th

It’s Thursday! The week is almost over so it’s time to get caught up on all your favorite podcasts from the week!

[The Media Center Show #231 – Tagging your photos

This week on the
show long term listener Brian Frost talks photo tagging and how to get
the most of your photos in Windows Media Center. Brian has some great
tips on the methods and the tools needed to make the most of your photo
collection. I posted Brian’s tips on the TDL Wiki

Engadget HD Podcast 164 – 11.17.2009

Another surprisingly epic podcast this week stats off with a bit of TiVo vs. Media center comparison held over from last week, plus a look at the latest from Moxi before pondering what HD DVD Managed Copy might have been like. Next a mini-review of the Spears & Munsil Blu-ray calibration disc spurs a live contest for our UStream audience (congratulations to the winner, wrinklefree, check for his entries after the break,) plus a chance to win for the rest of you listeners. We discuss why the NFL might be right when it says Sunday Ticket is best as-is, and some contemplation over what the FCC could do about OTA television. If that’s not mind blowing enough, new TV startups Sezmi and ZillionTV get their moment of discussion, plus new video delivery solutions in the form of Blockbuster kiosks and Comcast’s TV Everywhere. Closing thing’s out is our weekly poll concerning the importance of surround sound — the results may surprise you.


HD Nation » Block Standard Def! Best Streaming HD, Ethernet for High

HDTV Factory Calibration, HDTVs vs. HDMI Swtiches, Top 5 Films in VUDU HDX, Blu-Ray releases for November 17th, 2009, AMD Maui Review: How Does A Home Theater With a Built In 5.1 Amp Sound? Separating channels in SD and HD on your DVR!


Seen in HD Episode 12 – Blu Christmas

Prices are already starting to fall. Wal-Mart has posted some great deals to its Web site already, hoping to stem some of the Black Friday shopping crush. Best Buy is running a nice deal on a quality Panasonic Blu-ray player with a free copy of Up. The next few weeks, including the Monday after Thanksgiving known as Cyber Monday, might be some of the best times to get great deals on new HD electronics.


TDL Mobile Show #16

Although this show was recorded back on Monday, my mind seemed to drift away as I forgot to mix and publish the show! Nonetheless, show 16 is here and it’s a short one this week. Sheldon and I rehash a few of the week’s news stories with a couple of apps of the week. Enjoy the short show as we expect Jon to join us again on show 17!


MythTV Cast RSS Feed

Installing Mythbuntu 9.10. MythTV 0.22 officially released. Hauppauge PVR-1212 and VDPAU officially supported out of the box. Re-write of MythUI based on Qt 4*. Ion based front-ends. Listener call in episodes in the near future?