Flash 10.1: Full Flash for Everyone But iPhone, Actually Playable HD Vids

Danimal1969 let us in on this little (yet SUPER important) news announcement which is very relevant to our little world here, as for the longest time we have been unable to smoothly play back Hulu or other flash-based content on ION and other low-powered units since the hardware accelleration was not working properly. Good to hear everyone worked together to get this resolved *relatively* quickly.


The GPU acceleration for Flash is the real deal, for sure, though—I watched a Star Trek trailer on YouTube HD on an Nvidia Ion-powered HP Mini 311 output to an external monitor, even, and it ran flawlessly. Which, if you’ve ever tried to play an HD Flash clip, even on full-fledged systems it molests CPU cycles, so just working on a $400 netbook very nearly deserves applause.