ATI Catalyst 9.4 Released

Do this frequent driver releases do anything for anyone? I guess there are a few fixes that are worth mentioning…

Resolved Issues for the Windows Vista Operating System
– Resolutions above 10 x 7 will now full screen properly for specific HDMI displays
– VC-1 progressive disc playback no longer exhibits block corruption 

Wow…impressive, I’m glad they fixed HDMI full screen for all resolutions above 10 x 7. I guess all those people running a 9×6 rez were lucky they didn’t have to sit around waiting for it.

Resolved Issues for the Windows XP Operating System
– Overlay Theatre Mode display no longer corrupt after enabling 3D screen saver
– OS Display Settings no longer shows extra resolutions for Component Video

Resolved Issues for the Windows 7 Operating System
– Catalyst Control Center: 1080i@30hz and 1080i@25hz Component Video modes
can now be applied via Component Video – Advanced aspect
– Custom formats modes can now be applied properly and will be available under "List
All Modes"
– Display profiles will now be restored when displays are swapped while the system
– WinDVD9 HD playback doesn’t cause the desktop to jitter or flicker anymore

The list of known issues, a number which might effect you is way longer than things they fixed. I guess they’re at least making progress. Let us know how the update goes.