Hulu Coming to SageTV Video Hardware

And out of literally no where, the SageTV team surprises the hell out of me with a homerun out of the park. Shock and awe aside, this pre-beta preview of Hulu made its appearance at CES with Dave Zatz clicking a few pictures for your enjoyment. This would be a real coup for the SageTV team as it would be one of the first implementations of Hulu on a commercial PVR software.

Click here for a few more pics 🙂

So, it was quite refreshing to swing by SageTV’s suite earlier this evening for a pre-release demo of Hulu playback direct from the compact SageTV HD Theater. (Which is available now for $200 and capable of quite a bit more.) Browsing and selecting television shows was simple and the 480p streaming video was extremely watchable. I’m sure Brent will be looking forward to getting his hands on the public beta next month.

Brent has a great summary located here.