Ever Wondered What A Bird Thought About a Packaging Device? User Review: Boxee

Before you read this, I will note that forum regular evilpenguin did admit he is highlighting the good parts in his quickie review of the new MacOS native media front-end Boxee. So don’t get all lovey dovey until he comes back and finishes his thoughts… I am sure he won’t leave us all hanging? Right?

MetaData scraping – They put some serious thought into this. I imported a folder that had media that ran the gambit from being meticulously labeled ("Arrested Development 01×03 – Bringing Up Buster.avi") to the awful ("burn.notice.s01e09.dsr-cocknbulls.[VTV].avi", "burn.notice.107.dsr.xvid.notv.[VTV]"). And yet Boxee was able to guess that they were TV shows, pull down the proper episode metadata from TV.com, and then organize and sort them using this data.

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